The purpose of this blog is to have a conversation with other women about day-to-day sexism, specifically sexist comments. I’m working out and organizing my thoughts on the subject by writing about it here, and I hope to get impressions, opinions, and stories from other women. My goal is to develop a self-defense program for women, including myself: self-defense against sexism. See my first post, Sexism Self-Defense: The Basic Idea, for more details.

As much as I hope to get a lot of comments and discussion going, I want the discussion to stay on-topic. Sexism is a broad and complex topic, and I’m addressing just a little part of it here: the incidents that fly under the radar of the law and office sexual harassment polices (for the most part). I think it’s an important part, though, because it’s something that everyone experiences regularly, to some degree, and it perpetuates sexism, and all the harmful consequences that it has for men and women.

Comments that are off-topic and/or offensive will not be posted.



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