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Negative Effects of Sexism

Women lack confidence: an understandable response to sexism and bias

Seeing sexism in academia – moving up the ranks opens the eyes

Does This Lab Coat Make Me Look Fat?

Why sexism is no laughing matter, despite what the boys might say

Sexism is bad for your health

Responding to Sexism

3 Reasons Why It Pays to Not Let Sexist Comments Slide

How to Respond to Sexist Comments

The point of calling out bad behavior

“Why don’t you just hit him?”

Good sexism comebacks and Bad sexism comebacks from the Geek Feminism Wiki

Sexual Harassment Fact Sheet (especially relevant: the Responding to Sexual Harassment section)

Real Stories about Sexism and Responding to It

My Response to Sexist Comments: Today I Start Work on a PhD

Sexual Jokes And Lewd Conversations In The Workplace: Where’s The Line?

The Girls’ Guide to Calling Out Sexism Without Being Attacked
Counterpoint to “3 Reasons Why It Pays to Not Let Sexist Comments Slide”. Lots of stories, and a couple of suggestions at the end.

The Everyday Sexism Project

Street Harassment

How to Respond to Catcalls

Hollaback! You have the power to end street harassment

For Men

Allies workshop: Geek Feminism Wiki
The preexisting, awesome equivalent of my idea, for men who want to stand up against sexism and be allies for women.

General Great Sites

Geek Feminism Wiki

Academic Men Explain Things to Me